Tom Hooper Could Have Directed 'Iron Man 3', But Will Probably Just Do 'Les Misérables'

February 24, 2011


With Tom Hooper already taking home a the Directors Guild's award for Best Director, and possibly earning more trophies for both himself and The King's Speech on Sunday, the English filmmaker is in hot demand--and not just to make some more award-bait historical dramas, like you'd assume. In fact, Marvel apparently thought he'd do a pretty good Iron Man movie, and, according to a source speaking to the LA Times, offered Hooper the chance to bring a stiff upper lip to Iron Man 3 before giving the director's chair to Shane Black. Weird! Not really any weirder than Kenneth Branagh directing a Thor movie, but a little weird.

Anyway, he turned it down, and now that version will only exist when it's tackled by an internet comedy troupe's stammering Iron Man parody. But in terms of projects Tom Hooper actually will be working on, one candidate is Les Misérables. A different source told the paper Hooper is considering an offer by Working Title to direct an adaptation of the Broadway musical version of that tale--which, while not as unexpected or exciting as an Iron Man, will at least continue his streak of directing the only films my mom sees in a theater over a five-year period.

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