'Scream 4' Poster Invents Spork Companion, Hitler Had 3-D, and More

February 16, 2011


- The new Scream 4 poster: it's a mask AND a knife! Like love.

- Warner Bros. is releasing so-called "App Editions" of The Dark Knight and Inception for Apple's portable devices. Don't expect to get David Lynch's $11.99, iTunes.

- To take care of his debts to the IRS, his ex-wife, and Pierce Brosnan, Michael Madsen will supposedly appear in 29 films this year. But only one is called Back2Hell.

- Production on Men in Black 3 has been pushed back to March 28 to allow for someone to sort out the script's apparently-troubled third act. So go ahead and be shitfaced this month, Rip Torn.

- The official subtitle of Sherlock Holmes 2 is "A Game of Shadows." No Dark of the Moon, that's for sure.

- Australian documentarian Philippe Mora has uncovered two 3-D Nazi propaganda films shot in 1936, one of which consists of "shots of sizzling bratwurst on a barbecue." So the same technology AND as compelling a plot as Avatar? HAH!

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