Own a Dogme 95 Motorhome, Hitler/Gandhi Friendship as a Musical, and More

February 15, 2011


- Why not buy Lars von Trier's mobile home? Oh, maybe because the director himself says, "Looking forward to get rid of the smell of Diesel. Hope a potential buyer likes this smell, as Diesel has been poured over the floor several times." Still, maybe you could get him to throw in a signed copy of Antichrist. (via)

- News that art house legend Peter Greenaway is making a romantic-comedy does not make sense--until you read it involves "two men and a woman who becomes pregnant after a night of three-way sex with them." I hope that doesn't stop Katherine Heigl from auditioning.

- I truly don't believe anyone but Tommy Wiseau directed cult favorite terrible movie The Room, but just so you know, someone else would really like credit for it for some reason. (Thanks, Jimmy.)

- This Hitler/Gandhi musical buddy comedy may not be Bollywood's best idea. Probably not their worst, either, though.

- Ray Liotta is joining an impressive cast that includes Brad Pitt, James Gandolfini, Javier Bardem, Sam Rockwell, Casey Affleck, Mark Ruffalo, Vincent Curatola, and Richard Jenkins in Andrew Dominik's adaptation of Cogan's Trade. So I guess being on Hannah Montana hasn't adversely affected him as violently as it did Miley and Billy Ray.

- With Ricky Ross out of prison and available for creative consulting work, Nick Cassavetes is going to make a biopic on the infamous drug trafficker. The film will reportedly mostly cover his drug career, which is a shame, because the story of the Official "Freeway" Rick Ross social networking site could have been the next Social Network.

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