Feb 10 2011'Madea's Big Happy Family' Trailer a Split-Screen Sing-a-Long with Maury Povich


For anyone who thought Nutty Professor II: The Klumps was just a liiiiiiitle too hoity-toity, Madea's Big Happy Family should fit you nicely. Sing along with this karaoke trailer, then buy the new single "M.A. to the D.E.A." on iTunes! (Yup.)

Rest assured, Madea is still violent and shockingly spry, and has a speech disorder.

Reader Comments

why. the. HELL do they give this man millions of dollars to shell out shitty movies that well are shitty. I bet if a white guy did this it would be considered racist. but a black guy in a fat suit WITH a speech impediment is okay, GOD!

White Billy Dee-They don't give him millions he's earned them.He is the creator.As you mentioned "GOD", it was with his blessings and grace that he now has the opportunity to make movies after being homeless.He's made millions because we have longed to see ourselves depicted in some role besides maid or pimp.Sometimes being the only one in the film or the first one to be killed in it. Why don't you take some of your millions and put out some more of the shitty white movies I've been watching all my life and are still being made.Can't wait to see your fat suit-oh it's not a suit.Sorry!

I'm pretty sure Tyler Perry cancels out Spike Lee, as far a black cinema goes. See this shit? This makes it like Do The Right Thing never happened.

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