Feb 28 2011How About Viggo Mortensen as General Zod?


Now that Henry Cavill is locked in to play the Man of Steel, Zack Snyder is getting to work filling his Superman film's non-Superman parts with Kevin Costners and the like. Next on Snyder's list: filling the part of villain General Zod--last portrayed theatrically by Terrence Stamp and v-neck pajamas--and the Hollywood Reporter seems to think Viggo Mortensen is first in line to be knelt before in the role, which could be a fun chance for the actor to fight someone while wearing clothes this time, even if those clothes end up being v-neck pajamas.

It should be noted, though, that--as with Costner--talks have not yet started, and as of now, Mortensen is only being fitted with the criminal-sounding label of "person of interest." He could be pretty good in the part, though, yeah? Plus, with this and the Lord of the Rings trilogy under his belt, he'd be guaranteed prime seating in the "celebrity" section of comic conventions until the day he dies. $40 photo ops is always a good option for a fallback career, Viggo.

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seriously - viggo is awesome but here is the ultimate casting - you heard it here first

Zod - Gerard Butler

Ursa - Famke Jansen

Non - Kane (WWE - his bald look works)

Not too sure about Butler, man- it can get kind of painful to listen to him mush-mouth his way through American-style English.
Since Zod is unlikely to be screaming, "KNEEL! BEFORE! MEEE!!!!," a la King Leonidas, I just can't see it.

...hector elizondo ftw...

I wish they'd have some guts and step away from the Reeves continuity. It's just not gonna work.

So it's a remake or what? Did they regain their powers?

I want to see doomsday or any of the other powered members in the rogues gallery.

Luthor, Zod, are we next gonna get an imitation of Richard Pryor and his supercomputer?

Apocalypse/ Braniac or GTFO

I can't believe they are recasting those roles....Zod and company were perfectly played in the original.

No matter what next gen crop of actors plays them, they will never compare.

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