Feb 21 2011How About Kevin Costner in 'Superman'?


Kevin Costner, an oil removal machine salesman and frontman for the country-rock outfit Kevin Costner & Modern West, is reportedly being considered for a part in Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman reboot. Deadline doesn't have much more in the way of concrete information, only describing the part as "a key role" that those involved have a "heightened interest" for Costner to take. The Costner brand is on the rise! But what might the key role be? Pa Kent? Perry White? Marlon Brando's head? Green Arrow, assuming he can still fit into his Robin Hood outfit? Some kind of baseball guy? Make your guesses.

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How about....FUCK NO!!!!

Super Dad.

Clearly, he was cast Clark Kent's best friend, Kevin Costner. It's the role he was born to play.

Superman's kryptonian father, of courseā€¦


Based on his appearance in that pic, it'd have to be Pa Kent. Unless their going with a Pa Kent UNDER 60, in which case maybe Jor-El? I can't imagine Costner working up enough of...anything...to play Perry White.

Its got to be Luthor. Unless in this reboot, Jor-El is on screen for like half the movie, which I doubt.

fuck it. why not. no one, no thing in this verse or the next will stop this thing from being a flaming, intergalactic, kryptonian pile of shit.

Let's look at what Kevin Costner brings to the table. I would say his track record is the complete opposite of Midas and his bodacious golden finger-banging prowess.

If they would like Superman to fail..... *remembers Superman Returns.......

Hell. Put the mother fucker in there. What harm could Kevin Costner do to it.


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