Jan 11 2011Nicolas Cage Really Wanted To Ruin 'Green Hornet'


The New York Times has put up a pretty good piece outlining the many shapes a potential Green Hornet movie has taken over the years. Among the revelations: back before Nicolas Cage dropped out of the villain role, the actor was insisting on using a Jamaican accent for the part, because Nicolas Cage is an asshole. Also of note: potential director/Kato Stephen Chow left the film because he "wanted Kato to implant a microchip in Britt’s brain and control him with a joystick," which writer/star Seth Rogen was not fine with; and in 1997, Gondry almost made a sci-fi Green Hornet with Mark Wahlberg, Jason Scott Lee, and a villain who ate human hearts. So there you go. Adjust Wikipedias and IMDb trivia pages accordingly.


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Since Nicolas cage is so broke they took all his castles away, is it surprising he's appearing in as many movies as possible, without concern for quality?

Imagine what that must be like. Owning a number of castles greater than zero...then going back to zero.

I want a mask of Rogen's face like that.

You could say that naked lesbian hookers make out with each other through the entire thing and that still won't make me watch it.

OK, maybe that, BUT ONLY THAT.

Nic Cage really wanted to ruin it, but the producers figured that Seth Rogen had ruined it enough, so they let Nic off to go fuck up someone else's film.

I actually just got back from a screening tonight - and surprise! The movie was pretty good. It was in 3D, but it's not really all that exciting - seeing it in 2D would be fine. If you don't like Seth Rogen, then you probably won't like this flick, because his stench is all over this movie. And I mean that in a good way.

Said like true politician! Thanks, Senator CK - you've got my vote!

Jamaican Nick Cage +1 thanks very much

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