Jan 6 2011NASA Declares '2012' Inaccurate, Cronenberg Possibly a Twihard, More!


- According to NASA scientists, the sci-fi film with the most absurd science is the Roland Emmerich disaster film 2012, followed by The Core, Volcano, Chain Reaction, The Sixth Day, and What the #$*! Do We Know?. Dude, I fucking told you The Matrix might be real.

- David Cronenberg has signed Robert Pattinson on to star in an adaptation of Cosmopolis, so now you know where the director of Videodrome stands on the issue of Jacob versus Edward.

- The Ridley Scott-produced, audience-footage-generated film Life in a Day will briefly be available to watch on YouTube before its theatrical release. In Ridley Scott's head, that probably sounds really cutting edge.

- Bob Odenkirk revealed he'll be re-teaming with David Cross--along with Krysten Ritter, Rainn Wilson, and Dennis Farina--when he directs Annie Jenkins: A Not Very Romantic Comedy, which sounds kind of promising if we completely ignore Odenkirk's The Brothers Solomon.

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I just want to make sure we're ultra-clear on this. You don't like Bro-Sol?

Maybe if your clocks were turned to space time, you could change your mind.

2012 is really absurd on so many ways.... it's like Ok, suddenly neutrinos condensate on the core, yippie!!!
VFX are good, those building collpasing are awesome...

Matrix also hits some ..with their I/O using phones...mm..like if everything is not real the phoens would provide a way to go IN... sure, just like looking for a working USB port on a photograph 1800 Steam Boat...

But the most absiurd is what the Blip we know..starting with sweet basic science then going allll the way to unscientific-pseudo-sam-neo-medium-spiritism-solicist Crap... is an insult.

top two unrealistic are great. 2012 and the core are scientific comedies. but, hey, we like to make fun plots and ponder our own destruction. id4, armageddon, etc, were great films for that storyline.

what gets me is the "plausible" list. stuff with alien contact and what not. lol, if 2012 is unrealistic, why is the day the earth stood still and contact realistic? where is the evidence for intelligent space faring extratessestrials who speak english, lol? unless nasa is trying to tell us they are hiding something!

Roland Emmerich made a film absolutely full of shit? Naaawwww.

Ironic that Farrell exited Cosmopolis in favor of Total Recall. Premise sounds thin enough that it should be filled with that tonal Cronenberg goodness. I don't like Twilight as I'm a 40 year old man, but I can separate the actor from the franchise. Good choice of role on Pattinson's part.

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@4. mike I agree Contact is not 'realistic" as it plots relates to political and religion issues most of all.. but the center of the plot itself is sound, ..and some "poetic license" here and there with a few things like ET's engineers supervising Cosmo matter transport and evaluation...

But 2012 STARTS with mistakes.. and is terrible as the "knowing" and their space Gospel.... Armageddon is ok with teh plot center, a little chessy with landing and physical properties, but hey that pass...
And what about star wars and their "sound enable" space xplosions and lasers.. :-), most aliens are bidpeds, breath the same fucking air...!!! Carbon based shit..

They don't even mention War of the Worlds?


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The biggest problem with the science in The Matrix is the biology/ laws of thermodynamics. The humans blot out the sun in order to defeat the solar powered machines. Well, this turns the earth into a closed system. Machines could conceivably run off geothermal power or fossil fuels or something. The one guaranteed outcome is that all life is going to perish VERY VERY quickly. The machines aren't going to be able to harvest people because the people are all dead now.

I don't really see the problem with the I/O ports. Of course they're computer-modeled constructs, but why can't they be programmed to respond in whatever way you'd like?

Does anybody have a link to the original NASA list? I'm looking for it online but can only find blog articles about the lists. I'd like to hear the reasoning for "What the Bleep Do We Know" being on this list. It "stars" some of the world top astro-physicists and scientists, it seems very out of place on this list, especially considering the movies that made the "best of" list.

haha what the bleep is so awesome. good choice, nasa

I think what they mean by including The day the earth stood still is that if an alien Race gets here...they're technology would be so overwhelming compared to ours that in fact the earth will stay still cuz everyone is gonna be busy...shit'n they're pants.

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