'Lethal Weapon' and Other Remakes Warner Really Wants To Do

January 20, 2011


Not content to take the lessons learned from Cop Out and leave it, Warner Bros. is reportedly making a reboot of Lethal Weapon a high priority on their calendar of terribles. "I am not yet old enough for these events," new, younger Murtaugh will say! Additionally, the studio has revealed that it thinks remaking Sam Peckinpah's classic western, The Wild Bunch, is a good idea, and confirmed that the long in-development remakes of Westworld, The Dirty Dozen, Oh, God!, and Tarzan are all still very much things we'll unfortunately see on screens.

News of these awfuls is coming out now due to the departure of longtime exec Jessica Goodman, whose filing cabinet of invaluable ideas like "remake Lethal Weapon?" and "Tarzan again?" has just been thrown into the Warner Bros. executive cafeteria, where, the Hollywood Reports claims, "The properties will now get fresh and hungry eyes -- and talent agents are already chatting up the potential projects and listing clients they can pitch for directing or writing gigs." So how long until the writer of Wild Hogs will have a first draft of Wild Bunch?

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