Jan 26 2011'Annie' Remaking Really Happening, McG Doing Wonder Woman, and More


- The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed Will Smith was dead fucking serious about he and Jay-Z building a new Annie adaptation around his daughter, Willow. Was there ever doubt?

- According to TV Line, McG will likely be bringing his Charlie Angel ladyaction expertise to NBC's Wonder Woman by directing the series' pilot. "Fine, fine, but will Wonder Woman be hot with big boobs?" asks the Internet.

- Nerd Watch: Ridley Scott's Prometheus--the sci-fi film that was once an Alien prequel but now isn't--has been bumped from March 9, 2012 to June 8, 2012, trading spots with Disney/Pixar's John Carter of Mars. This will forever change the face of next year's Entertainment Weekly Summer Movie Preview!

Reader Comments

"....in other news, Will Smith has also reportedly made the difficult medical breakthrough of transferring usable human body parts grown from mice onto his daughter's head. Yes. That is the same ear you saw growing on the back of that mouse in that picture several years ago."

that poor girl, she has will smith's entire face.

Wonder if she sounds like him too?

Daddy Warbucks: Anniqua, how are you doing today?

Anniqua: Ize keepin' it real, Dizzle. And da sun be comin' outs tomorrow fo sho.

That is the same ear you saw growing on the back of that mouse in that picture several years ago."...My boyfriend thinks the same as I do. He is eight years older than me, lol. We met online at agegaplove.c``om a nice and free place for younger women and
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In other Will Smith news, he'll cast his wife to star in a remake of Gypsy. Mr. Smith will make a Michael Jackson biopic, and the Smith family will continue its futile attempt to take over the world while no one else is looking.

damn that's an ugly kid. I'd keep it away from camera's if I was Will Smiff.

Are her eyes trying to move to both sides of head? Because, damn.

Why black people? Why cant you smile? Is it the painfull memory of slavery that you never experienced that makes you angry? Also, Dumbo called, he want's his ears back. Also, Will Smith called, he wants his face back.

Holy Nuck Futz! She looks EXACTLY like Will Smith's fish character from that stupid animated movie about a carwash.

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