Russell Brand Starring in Another Film Being Compared to Beetlejuice

December 9, 2010


Polarizing, fancy-haired comedian Russell Brand, who last year was being set up for Universal's remake of Drop Dead Fred "in the tone of Beetlejuice", is now reporedly being prepped for a different "Beetlejuice-style afterlife feature comedy" for Warner Bros. There are a lot of men in suits who think it's entirely vital we see a movie where Russell Brand can walk through a wall, apparently.

This one would be based on the British series Rentaghost, and Brand would play Fred Mumford--a recently-deceased, fancy-haired slacker who starts an afterlife temp agency, renting ghosts out to the living. Inevitably, things go awry, Otho finds the handbook, and there's your movie.

Here's part of the first episode of the original series. If they keep the logo and theme song, I think we might have a hit on our hands.

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