'Real Steel' Trailer Takes Its Stupidity Very Seriously

December 9, 2010


From its sword catalog name to its boxing robot concept--to, it turns out, its dialogue, also--everything about Real Steel seems like it must have began as a Sega Genesis game that somehow, someway, evolved into a feature length film. The means by which this happened are not for us to understand. Just enjoy Hugh Jackman being a part of it, shouting catchphrases and cheering on automaton pugilists with such enthusiasm you'll swear Wolverine must have numbed him completely for embarrassment.

Now that I'm seeing actual footage, it also makes Mattel's plans an officially-licensed Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots movie seem even more hilariously purposeless than they did before. "It's fine, everyone! It will be just like when Saving Private Ryan and The Thin Red Line came out around the same time! Except instead of exploring one of the most important wars in history, ours are both specifically about robot guys punching each other out."

(Thanks to G.)

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