Paul Thomas Anderson Would Like To Adapt 'Inherent Vice,' Thomas Pynchon

December 2, 2010


With Paul Thomas Anderson's thinly-veiled Scientology criticism film recently falling apart for unspecified reasons (with mid-air re-fueling possible, John Travolta can fly low circles around your house as long as it takes to), the director has reportedly already moved on to a new, promising project: an adaptation of Thomas Pynchon's Inherent Vice. Anderson is said to already be writing a treatment based on the reclusive author's novel--a stoner detective story set in '69 and '70--and, like every other director, he wants the Robert Downey Jr. to star. Sounds pretty good, yeah? Yes it does. Unfortunately, it sounds like Pynchon still needs to sign off on it, so someone better get outside his hole with a mannequin dressed as a sexy LadyPynchon and lure him out, because we need to get started on this.

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