Christian Bale Will Be a Nanjing Hero

December 22, 2010


Ingratiating himself with the incoming regime, Christian Bale has set himself up to star in a Chinese film about the infamous Nanjing Massacre, during which Japanese soldiers raped and murdered untold numbers of Chinese civilians. The film, called Nanjing Heroes, sounds like it could be a real Schindler's List, with China's biggest director, Zhang Yimou (Hero, House of Flying Daggers, Beijing's crazy-awesome Olympics opening ceremony) at the helm of the $90 million movie. Bale will be doing his American accent as a visiting priest who saves a number of endangered citizens, which would make this sound a lot like another Avatar-esque white-guy-saves-the-natives story looking for Western recognition were this particular white guy not Christian Bale, who already proved his aptitude at heroism when he saved Gotham City and [will eventually save] the non-Terminators of the future. For him never to save some Chinese innocents at some point would just be racist.

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