Nov 17 2010'Your Highness' Trailer: '80s Fantasy with Franco, McBride, Natalie Portman's Butt, and a Stoned Henson Puppet


I'm pleased to report that--despite both actors recently getting sure-to-be-Oscar-nominated leads in buzzed-about films--Natalie Portman and James Franco are not above starring in a stoner comedy that pays homage to '80s fantasy films. Moreover, I'm pleased to report that we now seriously have a stoner comedy that pays homage to '80s fantasy films, is directed by the esteemed David Gordon Green, and also stars Danny McBride, Zooey Deschanel, Justin Theroux, and a marijuana-pushing Henson-style puppet. This feels right. And looks right:

(Thanks, Matt.)

Reader Comments

Best trailer I've seen in a very long time.

holy shit this has all the ingredients to be amazing...(bong rip)...absolutely fucking amazing!

I hope there are more funny parts in the film cause, while it made me chuckle a few times, it didnt make me piss my pants. Either way, it looks pretty entertaining and I'll definitely be seeing it. Franco gets better and better.

My mind sorta went blank after Natalie Portman's ass.

She's just throwing that thing around all over the place nowadays, huh?

i am ready for this - sweet!

that was the longest trailer ever. and i must say that it kind of started of like a [Genre] Movie trailer. I'll have to wait and see the real deal; pineapple express was really good.

Seeing as how James Franco, Natalie Portman and Danny R. McBride=win, this shit is going to be awesome.

Oh, this had me at "Magic... motherfucker."

Where's the high res version of Natalie Portman's ass... I mean, this trailer?

it bored me...

This makes me forget all about Krod Mandoon...

Well, that and never watching an episode of Krod Mandoon.

Not gonna lie, possibly THE most awesome fucking thing I've seen coming to cinema this year. For all those people (certainly not me) who have always thought Padme should've dressed like this for the prequels. Perhaps then they wouldn't have been the godless abortions they turned out to be.

ALRIGHT!!! finally a movie that looks worth spending $12 to go see.

Wow, that looks terrible, just like Pineapple Express was, only this will have the antagonists doing bad English accents for the entirety of the movie.

Wasted opportunity.

Much as I hate bob, I have to agree with him on the accents. Did plenty of 80s fantasy movies have absurdly American-sounding heros?

Aaaaah, I'll probably see this. It looks like it's worth ten bucks, plus the price of the ticket.

A man falling down the stairs in a suit of armor....that had me laughing for 10 minutes.

Something so funny about it.

"I will quest the way I like..."

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have we just seen the Cliff Notes version of this movie?

WHAT ? NOT a sequel of anything ?
NOT a reboot ?
NOT a shitty remake ?

Only a 80's styled (hello "Princess Bride") good ol' fantasy movie for a MATURE audience ?!? With a budget AND an attitude ?

Count me in, even in DVD (if it bombs at the US Box-office, i don't expect any theater release in France).

Looks amazing and hilarious but god I wish Alan Rickman was in this trailer!

OMG! I cannot wait for the release of this film! My little podunk town doesn't even have a theater any more, but I will travel to the nearest town that does just to see this film-that is how much I am looking forward to this! Danny McBride is so hot!

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