Nov 2 2010Today's Batman Rumor: Theron, Farmiga, Thomas, and Maybe Clayface


Now that we know the new Batman film is called The Dark Knight Rises, and that it won't involve the Riddler, time to get back to the world of unsubstantiated rumor. Today, our trip to that land is provided by ComicBookMovie, who report a "source" has told them Charlize Theron, Vera Farmiga, and Kacie Thomas are in talks to join Christopher Nolan's superhero film.

Theron is said to be in talks to play Sarah Essen, a detective Gordon gets involved with despite that weddin' ring of his. Farmiga and Thomas have both supposedly auditioned to play Julie Madison, socialite squeeze of Bruce Wayne and a character often associated with Batman's most argillaceous foe, Clayface.

Hey, is this "Dark Knight Rises" ...or "Dark Knight Kisses"! Because there are so many potential ladies to kiss, see. No?

Reader Comments

Clayface'd be good. Foist! (?)


I think what BATMONSTERTRUCK means is that:

Nolan turned the illustrious and wonderful world of batman into a watered down CSI for the big screen, with a character-concept driven story (not full characters) plagued with half baked science and plot holes.

The CSI watering down was so general audiences could more quickly believe and emotionally invest in the Batman universe, since they're used to television crime dramas.

Memento was pretty good though.

L - I'd fuck her, except during the Monster era.
M - I'd fuck her too, even though the pic is bad. Watch the Departed.
R - I think I did fuck her but that was in 1994 and I regret it now.

Nolan has already said Clayface will not be in any of his Batman films because he's too unrealistic for the universe they've created.

i say break the mold and dont have another dumb chick watering down the action with terrible reaction shot, and the diluting the dialog with dumb comments. whatsherface in the dark knight was fucking horrible.

If that Thomas chick doesn't play an elf in The Hobbit, it'll be a crime. I mean Christ, there must be a picture of her in the dictionary next to "waifish."


So does Frank Miller get paid for them using his "Year One" plot?

"Anyone who would think she's masculine is either blind, crazy, or both"

Catwoman or Talia

I couldn’t understand certain parts of this post, but I assume I only need to learn a bit more regarding this, because it certainly sounds interesting and kind of though-proviking! By the way, how did you first get started with this?

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