Nov 19 2010Spielberg Casts Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln Biopic, Because Eff You, Liam Neeson


For at least half a decade, Steven Spielberg has bandied about the idea of putting Liam Neeson in an Abraham Lincoln biopic. The film even almost reached production in 2006, but the director instead shifted his attention to that unfortunate Indiana Jones movie, then moved on to the upcoming Warhorse and Adventures of Tintin, leaving Liam Neeson without his surefire Oscar nomination.

Well, Liam, buddy, good news: Spielberg is finally planning to get around to this thing next fall! Also some bad news, though: he's doing it with Daniel Day-Lewis, instead, and boy does he ever sound thrilled to have scored the other broadly-nose-bridged guy from Gangs of New York:

"Daniel Day-Lewis [not Liam Neeson] would have always been counted as one of the greatest of actors, were he from the silent era, the golden age of film or even some time in cinema's distant future. I am grateful and inspired that our paths will finally cross with Lincoln," said Steven Spielberg. "Throughout his career, he has been exceptionally selective in his choice of material [unlike Neeson, who did A-Team and, as if he didn't learn, is shooting fucking Battleship]," added Stacey Snider, "which makes us feel even more fortunate that he has chosen to join with us for 'Lincoln.'"

Who could have expected karmic retribution for taking Mel Gibson's Hangover 2 cameo?

Reader Comments

Neeson is fun to watch. Lewis is painful to watch.

I think painful is more appropriate than fun. However I wouldn't watch it even if you paid me to.

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Neeson dropped out and then they got Lewis. He wasn't replaced. Or so I've heard.

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Christ, IWS Guy, can you do something about the spambots?

That being said, Lewis is a better actor than Neeson for three reasons:

1. Phantom Menace
2. A-Team
3. Clash of the Titans

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Wow. I wonder if Liam Neeson is thirsty?


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