Nov 9 2010Another 'TRON: Legacy' Trailer: Neon, Dueling Jeff Bridges, Vehicles for Toys, Etc.


In case you still aren't entirely clear on the "Jeff Bridges' son going Tron-style to save his dad (and meet some sexy, single Tronettes on the way!)" premise of TRON: Legacy, to show you, here's yet another super-intense trailer for the neon-slathered film. What a beautiful advertisement for LED clothing this is:

Hey, the game world even has exciting end-of-Return of the Jedi fireworks! How about that?

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Good to see the 'Inception' soundtrack is getting some work.

I get the feeling someone doesn't know what the words "neon" or "LED" mean.

"LED" is a word? Maybe in the context of "he LED them down to the river." I'm pretty sure otherwise it's just an acronym, and an improperly-used one, in this case.

man, the more trailers I watch, the more I think it's going to be an awesome-looking film with crappy acting from the lead.

the girl is quite hot

@1: You fail and you fail BIG TIME! What you are hearing is Daft Punk's score which was in production for Tron AT LEAST a year BEFORE Inception was released. Now pull your head out of your ass and get your shit straight next time.

@4: I know what you mean but I'll reserve judgment till I see it. I have no doubt in my mind that this movie is going to be so awesome the shitty acting from Garret Hedlund wont bother me.

looks good, wish they hadnt used the inception music

@7 - You better that back or @6, a tremendous Internet Tough Guy, will give you a virtual pinch like you have never felt. He may even throw in a mom joke!

Four words: NEW TRON LEGACY TRAILER. Oh yeah! Check it out @IAMROGUE

Man, I'm going to need to get higher than I thought to enjoy this film.

All this trailers left my with one burning question: WHERE THE FUCK IS TRON?!

I mean Bruce Boxleitner is in, so why not use the damn younger Jeff Bridges tech on him too?!

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"These" trailers... stupid lack of actual Tron distracting me.

Gah, i hope that they're just hiding him or something.

Tron Inception WTF??!

I mean, does he LOOK like Flynn's kid really? Nah, he looks like Alan's. Hmmm. Probably not.

Cannot wait - Fuck anyone hating on this in any way shape or form.

Fuck you in the goddamn ear with a rusty rake.

You'll pay for it on opening day in 3D and like it.

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