Oct 5 2010There's This Now: 'Inception' Trailer, Hitchcock Style


At last you can experience Inception as if it were it made in the '40s. Inception as an '80s party movie hopefully isn't far behind.


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I remember my dad telling me about this when I was a kid.

I'd picture it more as a Twilight Zone episode.

I was most impressed with the dude's pitch perfect 40s trailer voice.

Serious question - with copyright laws being enforced now more than ever, why would you broadcast to the world a product made up of clips from a movie not yet released even on DVD? Those aren't just trailer shots are they?

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This will be considered as "parody".
Of "art", if you want. There is creation behind this stuff on my point of view.

There IS tolerance for this. Not for steal.


I think the point Ugg is trying to make is that the creator of this parody may have used some as yet unreleased material, proving that he has a pirated copy of the film. It's not so much that he used their material for his own purposes, but that he shouldn't yet have the material with which he made the parody.

All that said, a large portion of the footage IS available in one trailer or another, so I seriously doubt anybody will make an issue out of it. Except us.

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