'Dilemma' Trailer Deemed Insulting for More Than Just Being Unfunny and Generally Painful To Watch

October 8, 2010


At this point, Universal must have figured they were in the clear with last month's trailer for The Dilemma and its Vince Vaughn monologue about electric cars being gay. But in light of recent attention being given to gay bullying and suicide, Anderson Cooper and GLAAD have brought up the point that it could be considered an inappropriate thing to put in a trailer, forcing Universal to pull the spot and try to figure out something else as hilarious as the "gay" thing. Not that they're admitting fault, though: the studio maintains they showed the offending clip to GLAAD last month, and to "gay executives here and gays in our marketing department," and probably to all their black friends, too, to no objection (GLAAD denies this). Vince Vaugh's rep says he won't be making a statement on the controversy, while Kevin James is lying low, just praying and praying no one starts looking through his back catalog for gay jokes.

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