Oct 21 2010Check Out This Great Monday-to-Friday TV Censorship Montage


Isn't it great when networks slyly replace swearing with ridiculous nonsense dubbed over the offensive lines? For instance, when TV Guide Channel (which seems to have completely replaced its TV listings with films and a Paris Hilton reality show) airs The Big Lebowski, instead of John Goodman saying, "See what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass," he asks, "See what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps?"--which has a certain poetry to it, but doesn't really make any sense. And then all of us who own The Big Lebowski on DVD and don't know why we we're watching it on TV Guide Channel enjoy a chuckle, finding humor in the knowledge that he actually says something about assfucking. Well, someone has made a brief, selective montage of some of these famed television edits, comparing the censored versions to the originals, and maybe you should watch it. But be forewarned, half of it is not safe for work.

Come on, The Departed. Couldn't you make it less of a blatant Simpsons joke?


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Needs some breakfast club.

i found your mom in the alps once and your dad twice.

As a karate expert I will not talk about strangers in the Alps.

They missed Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Yipee Kay yay Mr. Falcon has been one of my favorites for years. Glad that was in there.

My favorite was always "slug in a ditch" from The Hard Way.

A lot of these are on this "Edited For Content" Mug from the webcomic www.hijinksensue.com here:


I always liked "Quick Change" with Bill Murray and Geena Davis. Fucking is repeatedly replaced with Viking.

I prefer it when it's well dubbed, but makes no sense, than when "fuck you sam rothstein" is replaced with "freak you Sam Rothstein" in what's clearly another woman's voice

Nothing beats Kill Bill Vol. 1. "My name is Buck, and I came here to PARTY"

And the PartyWagon, so blatantly edited lol: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/138/348418018_003ce06eee.jpg

Half Baked had a great one. "Whats that... We used to eat it all the time back in the day. Puddin'."

I think it was the faculty on USA, the dudes waiting in traffic, and goes "flick this spit!". ANd then when he's supposed to yell FUCK!!!, he yells "PHOOOEY!!! THat was the best ever!

I remember seeing Die Hard 3 and hearing the term "melon farmer" quite a few times

i remember Friday showing on TNT a long time ago was pretty hilarious... "monkey hugger" and "tired sucka" were common replacements..

Find a stranger in the alps?? That doesn't make any sense

I saw "Stir Crazy" on tv once. The best line was "Up your kazoo!"

I think you all have it backwards. The original line was "find a stranger in the alps" as Goodman had left a man there to die and the unlucky target of his ire had rescued him. Believing this to be a cruel and out of character action, they changed it to something about butt sex.

Never seen that on French TV networks.

Never will, i hope.

is this serious, do they actully do that in america, in europe most things are ok, especially after 9pm

@Mousey; that's why Europe is superior.

@Kurt C...."Flip you!" One of the worst dubs ever.

On a separate note, how about Galaxy Quest censoring itself??!? Siguorney Weaver during the jaws of death scene at the end of the movie, clearly mouths, "Well F$%k this!" and it's editted as "Well, Screw this!".

Europe isn't just one country you know, cenorship varies heavily. But as per the U.S. in regards to this, mostly these sort of edits are seen on old school network saturday or sunday movie showings. The FCC is insane, there's no doubt about it. Though the day of the poorly dubbed edit is for the most part gone. Cable channels brought a different ball to the game. Family friendly channels might toss up poorly edited content on a regular basis, but it has lessened substantially on many channels(Comedy Central regularly broadcasts unedited movies).

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Instead of Monkey-Fighting, or Monday-Friday,

I use the words "Obama voting", or "voter"
as in,

"Yippie Ki Yay, Obama-voter!"

I always liked the pussy wagon scene in Kill Bill vol 2. My name is buck and I like to ffff...party???

They should have at least changed his name to Marty.


Yeah, Doug Benson is a great comedian. You have any of your own jokes, though?

the best is terminator 1 when bill paxton is supposed to say fuck you asshole and says eat death scum!

That was pretty sloppy.

yes i do, i live there, Ireland used to have very strict laws on films up until the 70s/80s with films like monthy pythons life of brian and a clockwork orange being banned (second one os sort of understandsable).

but in most countries in europe, films are never altered to make them suitable, they are just aired after the watershed. or in most case on digital/satillite tv they are shown all through the day but you need a pin to watch them, the pin is an optional also as a parental safty feature, so if you dont want your 12 y/o watching a 18s film you can put a pin on all 18s rated movies (4 digit number entered on your remote)

Do you see what happens Larry when you find a stranger in the Alps and you fuck them in the ass?

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