Sep 24 2010Superman Directing Job Down to 5 Guys To Complain about


Welp, for better or worse, or much worse, Zack Snyder might get to direct another superhero film. According to Deadline, he's one of five names on the shortlist to direct the next Superman film. Producers Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas are apparently looking at Tony Scott (maker of all recent runaway train films), Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, the Let the Right One In remake), Jonathan Liebesman (Battle: Los Angeles, that Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake), Moon's Duncan Jones, and Watchmen/300/Sucker Punch director and lover of slo-mo Zack Snyder as possibilities to take the director's chair for the Man of Steel reboot. It's such a mixed, baffling, unexpected list of unproven and/or divisive directors, it's pretty much tailor-made for internet debate, impotent frustration, and imaginings of what Superman would look like by way of each candidate's distinct style or lack thereof, so get started.

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Are they recasting this? Because Brandon Routh was a perfect Kent/Superman. He just got stuck with a shitty script. Could have done without Blue Crush as Lois Lane though.

SNYDER SNYDER SNYDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's the only one that has the imagination and creativity to fully expand superman's potential on film


Seconded on Routh. But the usually tend to recast. :\

So keep Routh.

Moon was hellacious so imma go with Duncan Jones on this one. Unless Moon just had a great script. Then Snyd-master.

Anyone but Liebesman.

what a laughable list. and some one backslap Narco in the back of the head

Duncan Jones. David Bowie's son? Hell yeah, just 'cuz.

Routh got SCREWED out of a franchise, and frankly a career by that shitty script.

Look, we get it. Christopher Reeve had just died and they wanted to homage him in the new movie.

Here's the fucking problem: The Christopher Reeve superman movies were CRAP...they were schlocky garbage that were BARELY paletable in days when there were no other comic hero movies. Making a modern film, stylizing it after something dated, and lame was an obvious problem to anyone with a brain.

The fact that they plagerized the plot of the first movie was double nail in the coffin.

@8 McFeely Crackhead - I've seen your comments elsewhere and I realize you're probably just trying to provoke a reaction, so I'll ignore your insane rantings about the Christopher Reeve Superman movies (well, the first 2 anyway). But you are soooo off the mark about Superman Returns I must comment.
The problem with SR had nothing to do with an "homage". The problem was Nolan tried to make Superman into Batman and (gasp!) he's NOT. Nobody wants to watch a guy who can do ANYTHING whine about what a burden it is and how nobody wants him. The "e" in Superman does NOT stand for emo!
(and @1 Maggie is right - Lois was a)lame, and b) lame. Hell, I'd rather see Lois from Smallville. Bring Spacey back though no matter what!!!)

um the watcher nolan had nothing to do with returns, perhaps youre confusing him with singer

Kevin Smith FFS!

Routh is still a good choice. And, plus, he got older - and probably waaay better.

Take Snyder or Smith on the job and voilà !

Yes, sorry, after I posted I realized I put the wrong guy. Nolan tried to make Batman into Batman and did a GREAT job! SINGER tried to make Supes into Batman (or more likely an outcast mutant). And in the process also screwed over the X-men franchise. Wow! TWO franchises destroyed! Well done, Mr Singer, well done.

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Notes from a nerd:

1 - MAKE THE MOVIE FOR MALES. Girls did not grow up reading Superman comics. Boys did.

2 - ACTION ACTION ACTION. Fuck these "emo" scenes. They fucking destroyed Spiderman III, and Raimi is a very talented director/storyteller.

3 - LET REEVES REST IN PEACE. He did two great Superman movies. Give it a fucking rest. We don't need another 1970s Superman.

4 - TIE THIS INTO THE JUSTICE LEAGUE. Don't let Marvel have all the superteam glory. Make the JLA work.

5 - Fucking can Kevin "K-Pax" Spacey. He was fucking terrible. He had that goddamn smirk on his face the entire time - clearly he was only in it for the money. Sack him.


You were right with every point except for #4.

Making Superman part of a spandex wearing union of superheroes on screen would look TOO fanboyish, silly, stupid, joke worthy, and foolish. The IronMan guys are doing it, let them do it, they don't need to have Superman become another "buy this next issue of movies to know what else happened". Celluloid is Celluloid not A&W's books for kids. A Mystermen remake that takes itself seriously does not count as action.

Come on, how many adults really follow comic books? I used to read comics until 14. So I doubt a 28 year old version of us really wants to see a real life Saturday Morning Channel 11 lineup on the big screen. You won't take it seriously at all. I'm more interested in seeing a movie. We've already seen too Comicy, too spandexy, silly debacles happen with Batman and Robin.

It's usually the stand alone films that really make a impact. Look at the new Batman. How many of us can honestly say we want to see him team up with Aquaman, Powerman, Wonderman, Megaman, Liu Kang, and Chun Li and then admit that we took the movie seriously at all?

Remember the age old saying: "This is why Superman works alone"

@16: Do you hate being right all the time?

@15: What does "make the movie for males" even mean? Since when was Superman anything but male oriented?


Well it's all matter of subscribing to chaos. We look at two batman movies with Tim Burton staring Mike Keaton and they end up blowing the roof off of all the skeptics. Then they pull it to a higher extreme trying to remind everyone that Robin exists and you end up getting George Clooney and his bat-bombs. Even then the non-linear equations end up being inhabitant of more successful movies such as Iron Man and Hulk. Ergo you get Terrance Howard getting replaced by some token black-guy who doesn't even at least remotely look like him and the Norton Man himself breaking ways with production in Hulk.

Hollywood is the very essence of Chaos Theory.

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