Sep 23 2010Roman Polanski Gets a Bunch of Award Winners in Movie Despite Fugitive Rapist Thing


Well, it looks like no one's holding too much of a grudge against Roman Polanski for once again dodging his jail sentence. Deadline has news the director has lined up an impressive cast of Oscar winners for his next film, an adaptation of Yasmina Reza’s Tony Award-winning play God of Carnage. With production beginning in February--in France, naturally--Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, and Christoph Waltz (the report originally claimed Matt Dillon as well, but his name has since been removed) have all signed on to star in the movie as parents engaged in an increasingly bitter argument following a playground incident. If they're lucky, maybe Polanski will broach the subject of being a convicted sex offender on the run from U.S. law enforcement on the first day of shooting--just to avoid the awkwardness, otherwise.

Reader Comments

This guy makes me sick, and my faith in Hollywood NOT being a bunch of morons and blow-hards really dwindles every time he makes a movie.

Go to Hell Polanski...or at least go there faster than you already are.

Well, at least he give us one useful thing, we get to find out which celebrities are in favor of drugging and anally raping 13 year old girls.

Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, and Christoph Waltz...

Obviously they're willing to be in his movie, but I wonder which of them would let him babysit their children.

drugging and anally raping 13 year old girls is pretty awesome

dont knock it till you try it

This guy has made it possible for me to anally rape all the children in my neighbourhood without anyone complaining about it. I love you Roman!

Despite whatever he has done, THIS GUY HAS NEVER MADE A BAD FILM!
Unlike Woody Allen, who is just as creepy, but has almost ONLY given us bad films.
Sure he's a creep. So is the pope. And....?

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Well I think there's a difference between being a creep and drugging and anally raping 13 year old girls, mike.

People that drug and anally rape 13 year old girls are all creeps but not all creeps drug and anally rape 13 year old girls. See how it works?

I think the actors figure that he's had time to sow his wild oats (in the anal cavity of a drugged 13 year old girl) so the chances of him drugging and raping more 13 year old girls are at least a little less than they were 30 years ago.

Yes Burt Reynolds, I see your point. All I'm saying is that unlike Woody Allen and the Pope, Polanski has something positive to contribute to society (and I'm not referring to underage sodomy here, but his wonderful body of work).

The man's actions many decades ago cannot be defended by anyone...except Woody Allen and the Pope.

Number cupcake...

Polanski is not a Hollywood filmmaker. His studios, financing, casting, and marketing all take place outside of the Hollywood structure. His films are not blockbusters and they do not have "Hollywood" financing and marketing behind them.
Your welcome, you poorly-informed American doucherocket.

mike, why don't you invite ole Roland over to your house and let him throw a good old fashioned ass-raping on you or a loved one and see how much you'd care about his "positive contributions to society"?


I was unaware that movies had to be blockbusters to come out of Hollywood. I was also unaware that Artisan Entertainment, which produced his 1999 piece of shit "The Ninth Gate" wasn't an American Film Company at the time (even though it was sold to a Canadian company in 2003...AFTER FUNDING POLANSKI)...and for that matter, I didn't know that Johnny Depp, Frank Langella, Adrien Brody, and now his new star Jodie Foster weren't all AMERICANS from the HOLLYWOOD system.

And to round it out, thank you for letting me know that the Academy Awards, which have given Polanski many awards and accolades over the years, are not part of the Hollywood system! All this time, being the poorly-informed American "doucherocket" that I am, I had no idea that all of these things weren't a part of Hollywood!

If the sarcasm was too much for your tiny Polanski-phile brain to grasp, let me put this in terms YOU'LL understand:

Way to defend a rapist, ass-hat.

Mike, you goddamn kiddy diddler defender, you. Got any daughters? Want Polanski to babysit? Didn't think so. It does not matter one jot what he's contributed to society, he's a pedophile and he should be shot at dawn every day for a year. Doesn't matter if his films are so magnificent that they overturn the government and herald the thousand year reign of Christ. He's just Chester the Molester and that means he belongs in jail or a grave. Him and Woody Allen, another air wasting baby fucker.

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