Sep 27 2010Real 'Walking Dead' Intro Now Has To Live Up To This Awesome Fake One


Hey, AMC, if you still don't have an opening credits sequence for the Halloween premiere of The Walking Dead, don't sweat it: this internetguy made one, and it's probably our best fake television intro since these.


Reader Comments

That was awesome. Hope the real one is half as good.

Awesomely done!
Looks like some Frank Miller type animation.

Way to tow the line, Mark. Let's all pretend today that Hollywood and the people we'll never meet who make movies for us are really our elected prisoners. Because that Green Lantern trailer with Nate Fillion really uh . . . it forced Hollywood to. . . we'll get Ryan Reynolds in a shitfest. Lets not pretend our shut-in hobbies are in any way related to actual Film.

Wow! that was very impressive, made me wanna watch the show more than the trailers did. Anybody know what song that was?

Actually, the animation is from the comic series that the show is based on. It's well worth a read too, if you're not too cool for comics.

And I'd also like to know what song that was.

At #4:

Vimeo page says the song is Fresh Blood -Eels.

That was Really amazing Video
WTF the person who made this is both a genius and a retarded moron, who would put an upbeat dance like techno to walking dead. and if the point was to be ironic or the lyrics STILL FAILS Fcking idiot

I could give a shit about "The Walking Dead" trailer.
Fatal Farm is where it's at!

I LOVE KIDS...and it's 112 degrees here.

All I can say is THAT WAS AWESOME!!!

@ #8
that song is neither upbeat or techno. It was the eels. I thought it fit perfectly even without the zombie references.

Goddamn I hate you HITLER, it's "I couldN'T give a shit". Also, the whole jew thing.


That was great.

I'm not a big fan of the source material, though. Someone tell me - did the writing (of the comic) improve over time? I read the first 4 collected volumes and I thought they were pretty derivative and getting sloppier. I finally lost interest on Vol. 5 and was surprised to notice yesterday that it is up to Vol. 12. Now I'm curious.

@2: What, praytell, do you mean by "Frank Miller type animation"? The drawing style is nothing like Frank Miller, and Frank Miller has never made anything animated. Do you mean because it has grisled, gun-wielding heros and a lot of blood? Yeah, that's a real niche genre in comic books.


The comic definitely went through some slow times. I considered dropping it myself a few times. Let's see... Lori's pregnancy came to term and the baby was delivered safely, although Rick come to admit to himself the the baby is probably that of his ex-partner. A rival survivor community is discovered, and at first pretends to be friendly, but their leader is insane and decides to invade Rick's prison under false pretenses. Rick's community wins the "war," but the prison is lost in the fight. Also, Rick gets his hand chopped off, and Lori is shot and killed while holding her newborn baby (who also dies). Rick goes a little insane and almost dies of an infection from his injured hand. He starts talking to Lori (dead) on a phone, and still carries the disconnected phone with him in a backpack so he can talk to her when he need comfort. The members of Rick's survivors who survived the prison war eventually regroup and meet another group of survivors who are traveling to Washington DC where one member of the group claims a cure has been found. This is later proven to be false. Some members die, some new members come in. A group of cannibals hunts the group for food. Rick and some others find the cannibal's headquarters (with the help of a priest) and viciously murder the cannibals. Rick's son Carl kills a few people and there are hints that he may be sortof crazy, or at least extremely calloused to the way the world has become. It is discovered that there is no cure in DC and that the person had been making it up the whole time. Outside of DC, however, a new "safe" community (completely surrounded by walls) is discovered and Rick's group is welcomed in. Rick is appointed sheriff and Michone (the chick with the swords) his deputy. Rick's group has trouble coping with being "safe," but eventually being to assimilate. Carl discovers Rick talking on the "phone" to his mom Lori (dead), and that was the end of the most recent comic to come out. Oh yeah, should have mentioned... *spoiler alert.*

That was SICK! They should use it.

@ Peter

Your a dick.

Let people read the book for themselves if they want. Dont spoil whats a damn good read. What a loser.


Haha, yeah. I did say "spoiler alert."

@ Peter

Putting "spoiler alert" BEFORE the text would have been prudent.

Anyway, that was a fantastic intro! Totally gave me goosebumps.

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