Sep 1 2010First Look at 'Battleship': Rihanna Pretends She's in the Navy


Our premier Rihanna photo site,, has shared with us this first look at the singer-cum-actress on the set of one our many upcoming boardgame-based films, Battleship. What do you think? More or less convincing Naval officer than Donald Duck?


Reader Comments

I don't know what this is even for or about but She looks damn fine in that uniform.

She looks better here then she ever has before.

Ya, but you know what doesnt look good? This Fucking movie...


Who's that teenage Chinese boy in the uniform? And where's this 'Rihanna' girl?

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ha. she does look like an asian guy. she also looks like a hot monchhichi in a uniform.

Is it just me or does water camo seems silly?

WTF is wrong with you - that chick looks like an Asian Man!! He||, Jet Li looks more like a woman than this dumb wannabe diva.

It looks like her nametag says 'Rakes' like some kind of ironic reference to her 'raking' in a ten foot pyramid of money after this terrible and forgettable movie is released onto an unsuspecting public.

I use to cheat all the time when i played battleship. Now this movie will be cheating people out of their money, what a cruel world we live in

She has chevrons on her collars, so she would be a petty officer. I think I can make out two, so it would be Petty Officer Second Class. She would still be enlisted, not an officer.

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