Sep 8 2010Disney Really Knows About Viral Videos, Everyone!


Time to toss out any remaining enjoyment you may have had for Double Rainbow after Microsoft decided to make the over-enthusiastic druggie a corporate mascot. Someone finally sent the viral video over to someone at Disney, and now they've made a parody of it to promote their Rapunzel film, Tangled. These guys sure know what the kids like: brief, amusing-enough videos and familiarity!

I suppose we should be grateful he's not getting his own film.

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I've failed to word this properly three times now but here it is: the meme has been butt raped and may be dead or is at least lying bleeding. Don't help it up though because it's a fucking trap at this point.

Footnote: the meme itself not the double rainbow bullshit.

This is f**king pathetic...smug yuppie pricks...

@ #3 : Seriously ? It's marketing 101 to use something people are familiar with, emulate it to attract attention. I say it's a win.


nice mashup, it is definitely a win

David after Dentist: "I Can't see ANYTHINNGG!"
Bear Rainbow Guy: everything else.

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lol if you watch cartoon network at all, there was a commercial once for awesome show where they made fun of it too. just youtube "Double Raincorn" and you'll see it. Geekologie writer didnt like the idea of it though >.<

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