Disney Wants To Pile All Their Rides and Characters into One Film

September 30, 2010


With another Pirates of the Caribbean film on the way and Guillermo del Toro soon attempting to make us forget Eddie Murphy's Haunted Mansion with his own, Hatbox Ghost-centered take on the property, it's pretty obvious Disney regards "amusement park ride" as synonymous with "feature-length film plot." That's been going fine for them so far, but already these guys are getting sick of movies percolating out of the Magic Kingdom at a snail's pace--at this rate, it's going to take forever to get to Frontierland!--so they're just going to go ahead and throw them all into one film. Variety is reporting the studio is considering a Magic Kingdom film that would take place inside the park, bringing to life various rides and characters into one big-ass Disney commercial people would pay to watch. Naturally, the project is already being compared to Night at the Museum--because of the whole exhibits-come-to-life thing--and The Avengers--because it would feature Mickey alongside all his other notably merchandised friends, and could mean first releasing films introducing each major character before stuffing them all together. The pitch came from Battlestar Galactica restarter Ronald Moore, who also wrote a script that Disney hopes to "develop further" with a new, still-unhired writer before they move forward. So if you've got any ideas how to work Epcot Center and some hotel deals into the plot, give them a call.

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