Sep 28 2010Darren Aronofsky Could Direct 'Superman'; Ben Affleck Won't, Though, If You Were Wondering


One more name to add to the list of candidates who may end up directing the latest attempt at bringing Superman to screens: Darren Aronofsky. According to Heat Vision, the Wrestler director, who's currently getting all kinds of clapping for Black Swan, is in active but early talks with producers Emma Thomas and Christopher Nolan--who plans to play an active role in development in the hopes of making the phrase "like Dark Knight" actually apply for once. Curiously, Aronofsky's name has also come up as a possibility for Wolverine 2, so he's basically becoming the Ryan Reynolds of directors. It might be some time before we find out who ultimately gets the job, but I can tell you one guy who definitely won't: Ben Affleck. Apparently he had a meeting about the project last week but is no longer in the running. Would it really have been such a big deal to set Superman in Boston, Christopher Nolan?

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"Oh my god, he's lifting a cahr! Look, in that pahrking lot!"

Clearly Aronofsky is the best choice.

Proven director who has been able to reinvent himself, going from the cerebral Pi to the mood-ridden Wrestler and who doesn´t linger in the FX department.

Only wonder is that he has very special taste in music that may become an issue against a very famous superhero score.

I hope Christopher Nolan makes superman say exactly what he's thinking in every scene so we don't have to find out whats going on in the movie by paying attention.
Expository dialogue is the best.

So much for a great career not involving comic book movies.

Wasn't Duncan Jones on the list too? I don't get it. Hollywood snaps up these creative independent directors and make them do the most mundane and formulaic films. Why would you want Aronofsky if you're just going to make him make Hollywood garbage. There are plenty of people like McG or Bryan Singer that can easily do that for you. And why would these directors want to be limited like that. I'm sure at this point Aronofsky is not struggling for money.

I hope both Jones and Aronofsky continue to make interesting and original film and stay away from this Hollywood crap. I would hate to loose their talents.

Wow. Lumping McG and Bryan Singer Together? One has done nothing but shit, the other made Usual Goddamn Suspects.

@LK: Simply because McG and Singer (who I'm not sure are so different, BTW) have made ineffective films through major studios does not have any effect on how these producers on this particular show will construct their production

to observe inefficacy on such a grand scale isn't observation at all, but judgment

Superman through the lens of Geoffrey Unsworth and Dick Donner, with that cast at that time, was (and very much still is) a fantastic film-- the first and perhaps the greatest of the genre

If Aronofsky has interest in bringing one of his favorite pop culture icons to a new audience with some amazingly attentive cats steering the ship, given almost unlimited resources, and access to any talent he sees fit--which he will, BTW--I can't see any reason he might turn down an opportunity like this

unless of course he has no interest in Superman, no specific take on the character he feels is worth expressing

then yeah, it's best not to do it

but the money has nothing to do with it, I'm sure--you're correct in assuming that much, I think

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That would be the most life-ruining superman movie ever.

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1. Nolan directs
2. Doomsday
3. Ben Affleck as Superman

Make it happen!

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