Which of These Girls Isn't Spider-Man's Mary Jane?

August 20, 2010


The search for the girl who's going to kiss Spider-Man at the end of the film--making his transformation into super-strong bug man all worth it--is in full swing, and word is the part producers are looking to fill is not Mary Jane. Heat Vision has heard Peter Parker's longtime ginger squeeze won't be the love interest in 500 Days of Summer-director Marc Webb's upcoming superhero film, though it remains unclear if that means the female lead will be Spider-Man's canonical first crush, Gwen Stacy, or a new character possibly named after a season. And while there are quite a few names in contention right now, it seems these are the current frontrunners to star alongside Andrew Garfield (left to right, above):

  • Imogen Poots - British actress from 28 Weeks Later and the upcoming remake of Fright Night. Expect to see her name in the running for a while, because it's a lot of fun to say.
  • Ophelia Lovibond - Hasn't done much outside of John Lennon-as-a-kid biopic Nowhere Boy,, and the upcoming London Boulevard, but she too is British, so at least her patchy American accent might match Andrew Garfield's.
  • Lily Collins - Best known for her role in The Blind Side, and for looking like the most archetypal obnoxious young model I could imagine, Collins will soon be seen with Paul Bettany in Priest. Why is she a frontrunner? Her dad is Phil Fucking Collins, man.
  • Teresa Palmer - Had the female lead in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and reportedly did a reading with Garfield last weekend. I don't think she was a character in Twin Peaks, but maybe she was?
  • Emma Roberts - The darling star of Hotel for Dogs and It's Kind of a Funny Story has flown back from the set of Scream 4 to do readings twice now. She's probably really good at reading.

Heat Vision is quick to point out this is all in very preliminary stages--just readings, not yet screen tests--and producers may decide to move on to another round of options if none of these work out. But perhaps we can sway their decision with angry comments, fan-made, photoshopped posters, and discussion over which we'd "do" first?

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