Aug 16 2010'Next Three Days' Trailer: Russell Crowe, Jailbreaker


You'll never keep Elizabeth Banks in jail for murder, Warden. Her husband The Insider is confident she's no killer, so he's totally busting her ass out of there with all those tips he acquired from when he bought Taken a coffee. That's this movie:

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Any important life lesson can be learned from Liam Neeson.

According to legend he's omnipotent and when walking amongst mortals he takes the form of a Scotsman.... or Jesus Allegory Lion.

'show me where the bullets go'


Was that Neo in the helmet?

i don't know about this particular movie, but paul haggis has an impressive imdb resume, so it could work.

She did it.

The Insider? Really? That's the Russel Crowe role you chose to drive home how much you don't want to fuck with him? I mean, great role and all, but that character is a candy ass compared to most of the guys Russ plays.

You know there is going to be a twist ending, either she did it, or he did it. Either way, the entire movie is going to crumble apart when you find this out. And I mean that in a good way. There's nothing like a horrifying believable twist to make us feel so weak and human.

I'll actually be disappointed in this film if one of them didn't commit the murder.

I foresee...

Xanatos Gambit.
Twist ending.
And Liam Neeson being the real killer (but that not being the twist ending).

@Kenlin Bros, eeeyep lol.

paul haggis is a fantastic director

I've enjoyed elizabeth banks in every role she's played

liam neeson has a giant cock


wait for netflix


cannot wait

@10 funny!

@12: OUR generation? What are you, 50?


Show me where the needle goes so i can make it through awake.

well, at least now we know why she goes to prison and for how long, and how he plans to break her out, how he succeeds, and that they make it through a subway station to a car chase. anything else we need to know, or shall i just turn up for the last fifteen minutes of the movie?

Dude that trailer uses music from the Bourne Identity at 1:07. The song is called At the Farmhouse. I hate it when movies have similar (meaning the same just mixed a little) music.

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