Aug 3 2010Donald Duck & Beagle Boys Were Our 'Inception' Forefathers


Leonardo DiCaprio & Friends may be the ones getting all the press and WTFs for their recent dream manipulations, but guess who was already extracting private information from dreams YEARS ago. That's right: as usual, it was popular avian sailor Donald Duck, Gyro Gearloose, and some criminal beagles who were at the cutting edge of convoluted sci-fi dream plots way back in 2002. As you can maybe read in the above panel, it turns out Uncle $crooge was at the receiving end of some classic Inception-style extraction eight years ago, back in this comic--and no one even wrote any lengthy articles about the deep meanings of it! For shame. But, I think RoboCop was around a bit before GizmoDuck ever started zipping around Duckburg, so how about we just call it even, guys?

Read the full Inception McDuck here, or download it as a PDF here.

(Good jobs to reddit people for solving this dreamcrime and providing so much evidence of it.)

Reader Comments

Don Rosa FTW!

If the combination to Scrooge's vault door is 528-491 you may have solved a massive mystery here! ^^

Donald Duck Philosophy = genius. I don't know how long it took you to source this image but well done sir! I love your take on reality!

Comme tout film, il faut s'inspirer de quelques choses, sa vient pas comme sa .__.

It should probably also be noted that Inception is actually a remake of a 1999 Cronenberg movie called "eXistenZ."

Life is like a puzzle box in Inception
Gun fights, chases, mental locks - all deceptions
You might extract memories or incept ideas

Inception, Oo-oo
Tales of double fake-outs and perception, oo-oo

D-d-d-danger, watch behind you - there's your ex-wife out to find you
What to do? Just kick back and wake up now, oo-oo!
Not Matrix or Dark City but Inception, oo-oo!

I cried at pages 19-20... bawwww...

I find this incredible funny! Can't someone get Nolan on record about this...

i just spent 3 dollars to watch inception, best 3 dollars i've spent this year and probably last. can't believe 30,000 idiots are trying to download a bootlegged cam version...


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