Aug 3 2010Comic Books Still Our Primary Source of Movie Ideas: 'Mage' Movie Coming


Ready for a Mage movie, Mage fans? Because that's happening, now. As Variety says it:

"Watchmen" producer Lloyd Levin is set to bring seminal '80s comicbook "Mage" to the bigscreen. Levin has acquired bigscreen rights to Matt Wagner's 15-book collection that makes up "The Hero Discovered" arc.

Story -- a reinterpretation of the legend of Camelot -- centers on Kevin Matchstick, an alienated young man who discovers he has superhuman abilities, gains a magic baseball bat and defeats the nefarious plans of a being called the Umbra Sprite.

So this is a movie about the magic guys from World of Warcraft? I wasn't paying attention.

Reader Comments

Wow, not even a first on this? What is happening?!

Oh for FUCKS SAKE...We really don't need this. Then again, Gerard Butler DOES look exactly like that guy.



Sorry I'm late.

@2: I was gonna say a beefed up Luke Wilson. But what are the odds of that ever happening?

@2 - i think ed norton is much similar!

MAGE?!?? Why not Grendel????? Hunter Rose Grendel would be WAYYYY more entertaining than flippin' Mage. Ergh!!!

Aah for fucks sake there's a reason why nobody has heard of the creator of "MAGE" as opposed to Marvel and DC comics. What kind of name is "MAGE" anyways? Its fucking retarded. Its like a like slant on the word "rage" but over a stoned brain storming session, made a little cookie by adding an "M"

Watchmen was fucking awful, incredibly predictable, and boring.

The idea of this movie seems ludicrous. Who the fuck is going to swallow this shallow ridiculous idea of a man with a magic glowing baseball bat, and super hero abilites? His name is stupid too? Kevin Matchstick? I've never met a Matchstick in my life?

This is just a stupid stupid idea only orginally swallowed by small number of geeks willing to blend ignorance, fantasy and nonsense together.

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