Jul 2 2010Our Greatest Cinema Insults Collected


From the same guy who brought us Amazing Things Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Said and People Shouting "GET OUT OF THERE!", it's The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time--a great way to test your film knowledge while deriving vicarious disparagement; ideal for the masochist cinemaphile.

Don't worry, Glengarry Glen Ross gets its disproportionately large due.

(Thanks, Mike. Complete list of films at Pajiba.)

Reader Comments

That was beautiful

Lol i'll always love Cockjuggling Thundercunt

"Yo' momma was a snowblower" - Still use that even today, no joke.

Throw alot of shit at me and some's bound to stick.

No "Mother Pus Bucket"? I call shenanigans.

WTF no half baked reference? No insult list can't be without a half baked reference

Definitely at least 80 great insults in the, but I think the "of All Time" moniker is a little grandiose. There is an awful lot of really good stuff missing from that reel, and a lot of jokes that were way wittier than what we just saw.

Robin Williams in Good Morning, Vietnam

"You are in more dire need of a blow job than any white man in history. "

you throw like a girrrl

That just made my year

No "eat penguin shit, you ass-spelunker" in the list? Shameful.

"Our Greatest Cinema Insults Collected"...

In english.


Surprised there was no "Hook" references

"Hemorrhoidal suck naval."
"Boil dripping beef fart sniffing bubble butt"
"You are fart factory, cheesy, scab picked, pimple squeezing finger bandage. A week old maggot burger with everything on it and flies on the side"
"Substitute chemistry teacher"
"Mung tongue"
"Math tutor"
"Prison barber"
"Nearsighted gynecologist"
"In your face, camel cake"
"In your rear, cow derrière.
"Lying, crying, spying, prying ultra-pig"
"You lewd, crude, rude, bag of pre-chewed food dude"
"If I'm a maggot burger why don't you EAT ME, you two-toned zebra-headed paramecium brain, munchin' on your own mucus, suffering from Peter Pan envy?"

At least one of those has to be in the top 100.

In the movie TIME BANDITS, David Warner refers to one of his servants as being "mercifully free of the ravages of intellect"...it does not use profanity but is just as insulting.

I haven't watched it yet but if Glengarry Glen Ross is getting it's own section I better hear something about the condition of "the leads" at some point. ;)

100 greatest? orrrr just 100 random

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