Jul 14 2010New 'Thor' Photo: "WELCOME... to ASGARD!" - Odin, as Jurassic Park's John Hammond


From the LA Times, here's the first official look at Anthony Hopkins and Tom Hiddleston in-costume for their respective roles as Odin and Loki. As you can see, director Kenneth Branagh has spared no expense in getting old Krull sets and covering them in Sears Portrait Studio backdrop texture. What a world.

Also, the accompanying article confirms both Thor and Captain America are of course going to be made 3-D in post-production. So, if you decide not to pay the extra to see the muddy conversion, expect to be confused why our greatest patriot keeps heaving his shield RIGHT AT THE CAMERA.

(Thanks, Dave.)

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God his movie's going to be so wack

Ok, those outfits actually look pretty sick. I wonder about the decision to make ancient Norse gods wearing brushed gunmetal spacesuits, but they do look cool. Guess they want the Thor drapes they just bought to match the Iron Man furniture they already have.

Also, with that title I'm having fun picturing Hammond lines being spoken by Odin.

"Loki, our lives are in your hands and you've got butterfingers?"
"This hammer is state of the art, spared no expense."

This is going to be one seriously awesome Disney Kids show!

JMS script or GTFO

Fucking 3-D is really seriously getting on my fucking nerves.

When the drooling masses finally snap out of it and realize that 3-D is just a really, really annoying gimmick - we will get back to normal.

However, until then, we are going to have a period of films where, years from now, we are going to wonder why all this shit keeps popping up in the foreground, and why the perspective is fucked up (watch a 3-D movie in 2-D to see what I mean).

Suck my balls, Hollywood. You can't make decent, interesting movies anymore, so now you have to have these fucking gimmicks to get the brain-dead to start paying attention again. What's next? Smell-o-vision? Except that you won't be able to similate any smell except bullshit.

Thank you, Hollywood.

I agree completely about the 3D and what's worse is that once the drooling masses get over 3D it will still take studio creeps a year to realize this. Buckle up for a long ride.

My friends and I have agreed that we don't care what happens, as long as there is a magical rainbow bridge.

If they make them 3-D in post there is no reason for Cap to keep heaving his shield at the camera.

Though a shot of him throwing his shield and through that toward the camera would look awesome even in 2-D, but more awesome in 3-D.

Gay + Lame = Glame.

I hope everything in this movie shoots lasers.

Is it me, or does this look like the future from Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey?

Saint Seiya costumes!!!

oh my god. this movie is going to be atrocious.

also, look up the list of movies kenneth branagh has directed, they're all pretty awful

It's like Anthony Hopkins went to KB Toystore and guilted his step dad into buying him the Asgaard battle set.

Can i have the eyepatch too? My real dad would let me have it.

I won't tell mommy about the night touches.

My friend Dan said this movie is going to suck.

the fuck..
are his horns.. ?

Its a genius idea to recycle these costumes from Power Rangers The Movie.

Hopkins looks hilarious. Branagh is a tool. He will totally screw this up.

Well this look craptastic. Now what the hell kind of costumes are they wearing? That does not look like Asgardian gear. Shit this looks like some ultraman/power ranger crap. I have now lost all hope for this movie. I hope it doesnt suck too bad..


The entrance to Fairy World in Fairly Odd-Parents?

When I first read that Brannagh was going to make a Thor movie my reaction was Great, hes going to Shakespeare the fuck out of it. And seeing this pic, it looks like its would be shitty no matter what he does. Too bad. And whos the girl on the left?


Unbelievable... another good movie idea ruined by poor costume design (not that the designers are not great - but whoever made the choice to make them look like that should do some proper research on your target audience... ).

Good cast, but seriously... this movie better not have underbudgetted vfx like the rest, otherwise the only thing that could save it from loosing money is going to be the performances, and perhaps bare man chests - which gets the ladies to the cinema..

very poor impression so far..


Yes, and also the road to Asgard. Mind-numbing colour! http://www.dragonhero.com/graphics/mu/asgard_rainbow_bridge2.jpg

so i herd stargate wants his stuff back

the armor of that christopher walken look alike on the right looks like some elven general suit, doesnt it?

SUCK-astic!!!! Really lookjs like a B-Movie about Flash Gordon add the Queen OST suckers!!!!

...where the fuck these guys learn about Norse mythology ...

Are they "combining" ( on 3D ) or something...??? Like Anthony Humping Thor to form Ratatoskr... and using Loki as a "Tool"..


When will movie studios learn, bolt on 3D is worse than no 3D at all. Case in point Clash of The Titans

anthony hopkins is like what 8000 yrs old now and looks like he signed on to this movie because he was having an end of life crisis, the costumes look shit, looks like something iron man should be wearing, I don't know what is up with movies these days. I wish it was like the 80's when cocain fuled idea's were passed and rated R was the in thing.

the eyepatch is the problem, i understand wanting to update the look, but what's holding that eyepatch on, NORSE MAGIC?

All they need are rubber nipples and they would look like they had been swiped from the Batman and Robin set.


It's very 'final fantasy' looking armor.

Costumes are just.. plain ridiculous !! Brushed metal ? yeah.. looks like saint seya costumes, LOL big time !!

Hey, it is not SO far from the Jack Kirby designs.

Just a little bit "refreshed".
And cheaper.

But the first still of the Iron Man suit gave me the same impression.

We'll see it moving and some could say : "hey, it works surprisingly well".
Or not.

give him a helm and have him scream "I am the Law" @ everyone
is this all hollywood has to offer? really? this and their craptastic 3-D, which is just a way to "combat" pirating, which isnt really working, they need to focus on making better movies, if they did, more people would go to the theater and not pirate in the first place

quarity pl0x

Horrible costumes. Horrible set. This pic is just setting up for fail.

I really want this to be good, but it's gonna suck just like Green Lantern. Ryan Reynolds is an asshole.

This looks so gay! I hope it tanks at the box office

"Ok, those outfits actually look pretty sick"

Those outfits were made for people who say "sick" and think Affliction t-shirts are awesome.... hopefully the film makes up for it.

Did Tony Stark make Odin's armor?

I would rather suck farts out of a donkeys ass, I would rather eat a shit encrusted fuck, I would rather have a dog take a lava dump in my mouth then see this movie

"When the drooling masses finally snap out of it and realize that 3-D is just a really, really annoying gimmick - we will get back to normal."

Unfortunately, the drooling masses just seem to be growing, and becoming more...drooling. And now with the might of companies like Sony backing it (gotta sell those PS3s and new HD TVs, after suckering everyone into upgrading over the past couple years), I fear it may never go away. Oh, the horror of a perpetual trend.

So you two um....dig up-dig up dinosaurs?

This is just one of teh mistakes that humainity has created...
where will be many more...

This makes me feel ashamed to be of Scandinavian decent. If this is the way the Nordic gods were, no wonder they lost out to someone convicted of capitol punishment.

This movie needs more costumes with nipples. Perhaps brushed aluminum looking nipples would make the whole production un-suck.

@40: Rick, what is Affliction? Also, my comments aren't good enough for you, yet you make the same comparison as I did to Iron Man?

I wanna see this movie 1-D.

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