New 'Facebook' Trailer Really Wants You To Take It Seriously

July 15, 2010


Following in the shallow footsteps of a couple pretty unimpressive teasers that still left us sighing, "Jesus, there's really a Facebook movie...", a full trailer for The Social Network has at last come online for our judgment. With this preview, director David Fincher seems intent to prove that this film is not about the lighthearted frivolity that comes with "poking" someone. Nor is it even about the sad, sinister motivations of constantly looking at your ex-girlfriend's profile. This shit is so much more REAL than all that. So real that it must be scored with a choral version of Radiohead's "Creep" and show new Peter Parker doing math on glass, because Good Will Hunting has shown me that's something that happens at real Harvard.

OK, David Fincher, I get it. Facebook is super dramatic. You may retire to your panic room, now.

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