Kick-Ass Playing Laser Eyes X-Man

July 8, 2010


No surprise given their prior amicable relationship on Kick-Ass, actor Aaron Johnson and director Matthew Vaughn will reportedly soon be again working together to put Johnson in a set of tights. AICN received a tip, since confirmed by another source, that puts Johnson in the visor of a young Cyclops in Vaughn's X-Men: First Class. The upcoming film will provide some kind of backstory for how Professor X and Magneto and everyone were all great friends when they were young until things got fucked up and some of them became evil--a storyline that worked out so well with the Star Wars prequels, everyone figured we just had to try it out on X-Men.

Here's hoping Vaughn also rekindles his friendship with Nicolas Cage for a cameo as a strangely eccentric, overacting Apocalypse.

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