Jul 21 2010'Hansel & Gretel 3-D' Deemed a Necessity


What tasteless project do we have Michael Bay to blame for now? Hansel & Gretel--in 3-D, naturally. As his Platinum Dudes production company continues to push out its little horror film replicas, The Institute--another company Bay co-founded and decided to name after his mental hospital-style decision-making process--is working with Kalliope Films and the font from Harry Potter to jump on that Alice in Wonderland horse with an "action packed, visual fx filled" adaptation of the Grimm tale that will add some crazy mythological German creatures to the standard Gingerbread House Witch. According to the press release, shooting will begin next spring in Germany (authentic, Michael Bay!). Producers for the film tease, "Hansel and Gretel in 3D exemplifies The Institute’s motto: 'Where Brand Science Meets Great Storytelling.'" That's right: a great story and BRAND SCIENCE. Asking any more than that would just be greedy.

Reader Comments

I like how the 3D pops out in pink! Such a novel concept. Also, what's with the coming-of-age slogan on top?

I love you Movie Writer! "deemed a necessity..."

That font reminds me of Harry Potter.

Oh dang. Never mind. I'm an idiot.

I'm glad that they included the "free candy" sign - because when I was a child, and hearing the story, I had no idea why two kids, lost in the woods, would eagerly run up to a warm, happy house that was (itself) made of candy. It made absolutely no sense. That sign clears everything up.

isn't that the harry potter font?

Wow. That poster is so awful I thought it was a fake.

What is "brand science" exactly? Is that like comparison shopping?

The title font is just so random (especially the giant pink 'IN 3D!' that's apparently part of the title) . The poster seems to be trying to by scary and realistic, and yet the title font just plain ruins it.... If they can't make a simple poster not look like crap, then this movie is doomed to hell... in 3D!

Hmmm. Hansel & gretel, a horror movie... Is this going to be like the Japanese/Korean 2007 version or is he going to do an original story on this ?

when will this 3D gimmick end? i've got 5 tons of cardboard MAHABARATA puppets in my house.

If they drop breadcrumbs at the camera in slow motion, I swear to God someone will die.

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