Guillermo del Toro Attempting to One-Up Eddie Murphy's Classic 2003 'Haunted Mansion'

July 23, 2010


As reported by everyone enjoying a Comic Con, Guillermo del Toro appeared at Disney's panel yesterday for the announcement that he will be directing a film based on the Haunted Mansion ride. The last attempt at this resulted in a 2003 film starring Eddie Murphy, Terence Stamp, Jennifer Tilly, and the PeoplePC kid that was described as "the ride of [our] afterlife" but was really mostly just Murphy producing various fearful reactions. Del Toro's take, as he described it, will be scarier, with the Hatbox Ghost (the ghost carrying a hatbox above) supplanting Eddie Murphy's shouts as the focus of the spectral estate. Expect the film in 2012, in three dimensions, and, if that wrinkly freak with the eyes in his hands from Pan's Labyrinth is any indication of del Toro's idea of "scary," with nightmare imagery that will haunt your children into adulthood.

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