Jul 19 2010Another Reason To Mourn Loss of 'Anchorman 2'


Holy cats, it was going to be A MUSICAL. Says CHUD:

"It was a musical," [Adam McKay] told me in a one on one interview. "We were going to do four months on Broadway and then jump right into filming."

... And we'll never see it. McKay explained that Paramount does computer modeling of potential profits on films (especially foreign) and didn't see how the necessary 60 million dollar budget would work out. McKay tried to show them the Austin Powers model, but the studio stood firm.

The Austin Powers model has already been invoked without success? Then there truly is no hope of this ever happening. Rest in peace, Anchorman 2: The Musical.

Reader Comments


They would have got the $60 million back in about a month (if you use the model of the studio receiving 50% of the gross)

That fucking figures. Executives aren't even choosing films any more, it's all based on imaginary computer models.

If only someone could hack into that program and make all the Michael Bay and 80s remake movies seem unprofitable.

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my soul is weeping.

- 9/11
- gulf oil spill
- no anchorman sequel

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