Jun 14 2010Watch Jackie Chan Beat Up Some Children


Following the sickening success of The Karate Kid, wouldn't you like to watch Jackie Chan just go to town wailing on some karate kids, teaching Jaden Smith, Ralph Macchio, Hilary Swank and those Three Ninja assholes a real lesson? Then good thing there's that now! Jackie Chan Hates Karate Kids:

In seriousness, how many trained children would it take to take out Jackie Chan? We're assuming he isn't wearing a high-tech tuxedo in this scenario.

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Jackie Chan's Karate Kid is really awesome and can't wait to watch this movie. Thats is a funny vid! I guess it will take hundreds of karate kids? LOL

Jackie Chan's Karate Kid is really awesome and can't wait to watch this movie. Thats is a funny vid! I guess it will take hundreds of karate kids? LOL


What's the movie where they're fighting in the Lego place??

Some how, watching a 50 year old beat up a bunch of 12 year olds doesn't seem like quite the underdog victory as the original, where a 70 year old beats up a bunch of 16 year olds.

Wow....It s really funny video. I am still continue to enjoying this movie scene. Karate Kid is really awesome.

ipad case

Lego place is Police Story 3

"I hope this door isn't locked....oh shit, it is!"

Is this a real movie?

Get em Jackie!!!!

Hilarious there are people who think this is real

ROFL @ 12 and that is hilarious ppl think this is a real movei, just goes to show u the intelligence of some ppl. case in point on Love Line with Dr. Drew Pinkskie some guy called in all concerend because after he orgasemed his erection went away and he though it was cancer or something bad lol

Is that for real? The trailer is funny with the great karate kids..Thanks for the share.

ill admit, i saw the movie yesterday and it wasnt nearly as bad as i thought it would be. i think the kung fu saved it (NOT KARATE)

the worst parts were listening to will smith's kid and his mom attempt chinese, and jackie chan attempting to be old.

how about i take back my previous comment and say "god i wish this was real" "OH GOD THE DOOR IS LOCKED"

Oh no not the window!!

ROFL @ 14 and 15...you guys fail hard, especially 15...insulting people's intelligence like that...yes it IS a real movie that came out last Friday. How about you do some research before posting so you don't look dumb?

FAIL @ 20.

You fail the hardest. Yes, the Karate Kid movie is real. This trailer, however, is not. It's quite clearly just a grouping of many many different movies that attempts to show Jackie Chan kicking the ass of a number of kids. You would think the fact that the trailer has the title of "Jackie Chan Hates Karate Kids" and doesn't have any actual publisher information would indicate that it wasn't real. But apparently some people don't pay attention.

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