Jun 29 2010'Rango' Trailer: The 'Fear and Loathing' Prequel for Kids


The Rango trailer is here, and, best I can figure, this film is some sort of revisionist metafiction detailing the backstory of one of the giant lizards that Hunter S. Thompson hallucinates in Fear and Loathing--an elaborate explanation that one of the reptiles, apparently named "Rango", crossed paths with Thompson a number of times before the writer finally decided to acknowledge the lizard with great alarm as Rango participated in that hallucinatory, blood-soaked orgy in a Las Vegas hotel lobby.

How else can we account for the blatant Thompson cameo and the alarming similarity in he and Rango's dress, voice, and movement?

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Love those ostriches (?) galloping in the sun!

@Dzangg: I think those are roadrunners.


They're roadrunners :).

Sorry for the repeat. Should have refreshed my page.

looks good, but is Gore Verbinski gonna start using Johnny Depp like how Tim Burton keeps using him? Maybe Depp is just THAT good...

Everyonne loves depp

This is clearly based on Hunter S Thompson. Look at 1:47 in the trailer. He hits Hunter S. Thompson as he's driving down the highway.

Brilliant they put Raoul Duke in it!

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Sadly this is not as intriguing as the teaser.

WTF! IS THIS IN 3D?, I NEED IT TO BE! what a jip...

This is some of the most downright fantastic animation I've seen in a while. The balance between stylisation and realism is utterly tremendous, and the Thompson cameo actually made me yell at my screen in joy.

As bored as I am by much of Johnny's work these days, I've got to say, I'm excited as hell for this film.

I saw this on trailers.apple.com in 1080 and I was just blown away by the quality of the CGI, as well as the content behind it.

I am officially excited for this.

Johnny Depp his not a true chameleon. He may change his costume, but most of his characters characters remain extravagant weirdo's on the edge of society, with bad accents. Discuss.

I agree, for the most part. Nightmare on Elm Street, Platoon, and Blow (unless you consider cocaine dealers on the edge...I guess I sort of do) are probably the only exceptions to his usual roles.

But I gotta say he plays the extravagant stranger quite well.

i have never been able to watch fear and loathing in its entirety. it's so insane. i was always sober though, i would have to try otherwise.

Anyone notice Depp sounds like Kermit the Frog?


@15: Donnie Brasco? Also, he may play similar types of characters, but I'd say he plays each one in a distinctive, unique way.

This movie looks wild. I like the weird visual style.


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