Feel the Desperation of the 'Little Fockers' Trailer

June 25, 2010


The rivalry between Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro reaches new levels of desperation in Little Fockers: The One Dustin Hoffman Was Apparently Above Doing. This time there are children around--to be sprayed by the blood that squirts out of Ben Stiller's severed finger, which is something that happens in the trailer. Also something that happens: Stiller has to stab a needle into Robert De Niro's penis to end his prescription drug-induced, over-four-hour erection--surely a metaphor for the cinematic priapism of a series that's been engorged with gross-out antagonism for so long it's no longer able to produce any pleasure whatsoever. Or maybe it's just boners are the next funniest thing after cat milking.

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