May 10 2010The "GET OUT OF THERE!" Collection


Ready to hear characters of film and television shout variations of "GET OUT OF THERE!" in such rapid succession that the phrase eventually devolves into a meaningless noise that barely compels you to leave? Because hh at Pajiba has created just such an experience with this "GET OUT OF THERE!" montage. It isn't just for getting you out of sock drawers anymore; "GET OUT OF THERE!" is for every situation:

Getting the President out of there is probably the most powerful getting someone out of there.

Reader Comments

1st sucka!!!!!!!!!!

Mazel tov

Gedda dedare

very fun Football Sim with live play play as the coach.

oh and get out of here.

i love how it randomly becomes funny again and again

3:40 "blue boy group, get outta there!"
the BMG in their teen years?

whoever makes these montages really needs to get a life, but hey i just watched it, but thats just my ocd, but still, these are hella dumb and pointless

They forgot the best one ever: Christopher Lloyd as Commander Kruge in Star Trek III, screaming at the top of his lungs, "Get out! Get out of there!", as he realizes the Enterprise is about to self destruct with his men on board.

Okay, I've seen two of these kinds of thing now. It's time to do a parody of this new YouTube genre, because I'm sick and tired of always hearing the line "I hate muffins" over and over again.

Get David Lynch out of there!

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