May 11 2010'Super 8' Teaser Gets Official Release, Some Secret Site Garbage Already Happening


The teaser trailer for J.J. Abrams' Super 8 has at last been released in HD, so all you secret-finders can start your frame-by-frame analysis at your leisure. Let me get you started...

Secret Hint 1: If you look at the foot leader in projector lens, you can piece together the words "SCARIEST THING I EVER SAW," which can be plugged into internet to take you to this page. SECRET.

Secret Hint 2: Long term, none of that is ever going to matter in your life. SECRET.

Reader Comments

Considering that movies represent the white collective unconcious and are as close to actual Medicine Stories as white culture will have, there is no way to know if it will ever matter to anyone. You can say that you didn't fashion so much about who you are today inspired by movies you loved but you'd be a liar. Then again there are a number of fine websites discussing used auto repair you could be cheerfully running.

@ 1 - Is that babelfish translation?

If the objective of that site was to completely waste my time, then it succeeded mightily...

I'm so startled.

So I've had this page up for a few hours at my work, does anyone know what I'm fucking waiting for?

its just gonna be another overhyped film that will suck, just like cloverfield

"SECRET" lol!

i bet it's a phony loading time!

Accessing File List B4 - 97996 of 134640 Bytes Loaded

anyway, sucks :\

hope the movie doesn't.

I get it. These other people haven't had enough psilocybin in their lives.

If you do the print option you get a message that says " Stop posting publicly. I can answer your questions. I have Proof >>>>"

WOW,I was eagerly waiting for the day of release. looks cool but one of my friend was saying that the crowd was pretty silent on this one in his theatre...

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