May 6 2010'Street Fighter: Legacy' Recreates 'Street Fighter' with Nearly Painful Level of Accuracy


That Street Fighter short I mentioned a couple days ago? Here's the full thing, friends. It's three minutes of basically what we all thought Street Fighter 3 would be like back when Street Fighter 2 came out and Mortal Kombat-esque video capture seemed like it was going to be the next big thing, until it turned out Virtua Fighting was the next big thing.

Pretty good, though I somehow expected more. Maybe if this becomes popular enough, he can get a sequel going and we can see some guy with a flattop fuck up a car.

Also, Tom Cruise looks terrible with that Prince Valiant.

(Thanks, Robert.)

Reader Comments

i must say that was kinda cool, special effects were kinda weak but that was expected.

Would it be nitpicky of me to point out that there is no street to be seen anywhere in this film?

Better than any Uwe Böll effort to make a decent video game movie.

Welp. It wasn't a terrible movie just short. The high five kick in the rain at the end speaks for itself.

is that really tom cruise?wtf

it rapidly became gay after 2:30

I don't get why they kicked so far away from each other at the end...

lol i called the tom cruise lookalike ken. liked the wet action, needs moar homoerotica!

#4. wtf is welp?

lyoto machida should've played ryu. he's like the real life ryu, just without fireballs :P


Definitely better then any actual street fighter film put out to date. Felt more like the anime and game. Hopefully some studio will see this and learn not to mess it up. if a film mirrored the udon comic version of street fight( or this short ) with a decent budget it might be really good.

Ok, take the budget of either Street Fighter movie, and give it to the people that made this trailer.

Pretty damn awesome.

maybe they did it right? we'll see.


Very very awesome! As someone else said, much better than any previous movie attempts combined. Now lets see some shorts with other characters....Cammy vs. Guile please :D

I came so hard watching this!!! Visual ORGASM!!!

Who is ready for them to take on Dragon Ball Z??!!!

*raises hand*

DUDE! I love how Ken's rising upper cut had a 3 hit sound affect when it connected on Ryu. LOL.

SHOOOO YUUU KENNNN *doush doush doush*

Oh, to my dear GW.

After virtual fighter with a COMPLETELY broken character (Akira) that can do 100% with an unblockable combo ( Block+Punch+Kick *unblockable gut thrust*, then tap back to down-forward punch+kick *shoulder blade ram*, down to forward *double palm thrust*. Tekken came out and COMPLETELY owned the scene for years ... not until the street fighter EX which came years later.

Yeah, no joke I'm good at fighting games, I used to travel around for tournaments for prize money. Too bad I was not good enough to make a living out of it when I got out of college. :)

PS: I COMPLETELY suck at FPS. I dunno how you guys do it in as much as how the other guys don't understand how I am so good at fighting games.

now... let's touch toes and be done with it... yeah gg

Man, just try jumping in on a hadoken and going straight to a shoryuken. Ken would get fucked up if he actually did that.




I've seen better fights between old women outside my local pub at closing time, why must you people trample all over my childhood memories?!?!

They had me until the footsie game in the final frames.

Honestly, I was just expecting it to be a video of the fight starting and Ryu just Hadouken'ing for two straight minutes.

They are taking this movie too much towards the actual video game sequences, it s going to be cheesy and very predictable this way and I suggest they not do this. I especially did not like the fire ball part in terms of visual graphics and how Ken drags backwards blocking it???? It makes absolutely no sense that you can block it from your shoulder but any other direct hit will effect you. (in video game yes, in movie? looks absolutely retarded) Ryu looks like a retarded unborn child of Mr. Bean that speaks Japanese. Akuma in Ryu's dream looks like a gay drag queen wearing a red wig.

Okay, Holy Shitz for one and 2, like every one else is sayin... these people will blow minds and do amazing street fighting things with even HALF the budget of EITHER of the Live Action Street Fighter movies to DATE!!!

PS: That KEn is fucking badass, fucking near perfection for a live action version, Ryu i wasn't digging so much but, KEN?! Dude! That guy jus has to hit the gym and get a bit bigger(muscle-wise) and He WILL BE Ken!!!!! Jesus that KEn was awesome!!!!!

I don't know what all the complaints are about this the best Street Fighter movie we'll ever see.


this is definitely the most faithful adaptation ever made.
coming from fans, there is nothing to complain about.
i couldn't have made it better by any means.

proper n gay at the same time. I can see where they were going with it. I smiled. I wont lie. Ryu's fire ball was too long... do the same thing but faster... example have ken block slow but have him go flying after the slide... you need more real life in a movie like this. we are all older now so we wont get pissed. hot. best to date. guys need to be bigger... with frodoo feet.

SF2 beat the crap out of MK! MK was all gimmicks. SF2 was a quality fighting game. I like Tekken stuff though.

Shit, I did it wrong again?

shouldnt they have been fighting in a street

Well, preatty good, but I must insist that Ryu is Japanese... Even if he sounds good, he doesn't look good. A few more muscles to create some kind of visual female orgasm would be welcomed. But it's the best SF movie of all times... Congrats

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