Happy New Year: You're Getting Justin Bieber in a Movie

May 20, 2010


Good news if you like annoying hairstyles! According this interview with Garry Marshall, the perfectly-swept coiffure known as Justin Bieber may soon find itself in the thematic sequel to Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve. Talking to MTV, the writer/director revealed that, while he's still pounding out the script (it's tough giving so many protagonists mundane dialogue and eye-rolling romantic scenarios centered around a holiday), producers are already pressuring him to get that sweet Bieber fever and write a part for the little shit before he gets older and weird looking--even though, by Marshall's own admission, he has no idea who this Bieber fellow is. Hopefully this news can bring your day some joy (if you're a sad 12-year-old girl) or provide you with some pure rage (if you're anyone else--particularly Zach & Cody, who just got bypassed for that big promotion they'd been hoping for).

Of course, all of this could easily fall apart before shooting begins if Bieber's hair defects and returns to the world of Final Fantasy IV...



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