Cinderella Getting Live-Action Re-Imagining

May 18, 2010


With the success of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland causing Disney to scramble to remember, "Hey, didn't we make some other cartoons at some point that we could re-do as live-action?", at last the studio has come up with what they're going to re-imagine in Disney Digital 3-D. Deadline reports a 7-figure pitch deal has been made that will get the genius behind 27 Dresses working on a script for this new vision of the classic fairy tale, thus far creatively being referred to as "Cinderella." And to think, I never thought I'd see the day when mankind's Cinderella imagination could reach beyond the 1997 Brandy/Whitney Houston/Jason Alexander made-for-TV movie. The sky's the limit! Or, depending on the script Aline Brosh McKenna turns in, placing the story in a contemporary high school setting might be the limit.

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