Apr 2 2010This Mid-20s Guy is Captain America's Teenage Sidekick Bucky


Relief! We've finally got someone to play Bucky Barnes, the military-enthusiast teenage boy who always hangs around with the adult male known as Captain America. Heat Vision tells us is this guy who's apparently on Gossip Girl:

Sebastian Stan, one of the actors who tested for the title role of Marvel’s “Captain America” which ultimately went to Chris Evans, has nabbed the key role of Captain America’s sidekick Bucky Barnes.

In comic book lore, Barnes, a teenaged orphan, was too young to join the army but became one camp’s mascot. When he discovered Captain America’s identity, he joined Captain America as a partner in his Nazi-fighting escapades. The character died in Captain America’s final World War II adventure.

So soon we forget the lessons Chris O'Donnell taught us in Batman & Robin. Namely, the lesson of "don't have a 20-something guy play a teenage orphan under the care of a man in a goofy costume, when that concept is already bizarre and creepy enough when it's actually a teenager, let alone when the 'orphan' is old enough to rent a car."

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God damn. I really wished they kept that part out. It's so hokey and 1950s.

And I also just realized they'll probably have the characters in WWII parts talk like stereotypical 40's citizen.

"Gee whiz pal, that there Captain American is the cat's pajamas!."

"You can take that to the bank!"

"How about that Doris Day?"

"Oh boy! I'd like to take her to a social and buy her an egg cream soda!"

@1 You're the bees knees!

So captain America and Bucky are essentially the same age? I thought Captain America was more Tony Stark's age (physically) and Bucky in his mid/late teens?

I hope the film is successful, despite odd casting choices.

um, if any of you actually follow the marvel universe you would know that Bucky Barnes is a pretty essential character in the Captain America story line.

namely he actually becomes the new Captain America after the conclusion of Civil War and part of the New Avengers during Dark Reign

@1 preetty sure they're not going to have him say " GEE WIZ CAP'N'
- I' have a good idea that marvel probably learned a lot from their failed Super hero movies namely
The First hulk movie
the two Punisher movies
and the current Spider Man trilogy
- so they understand to stay true to the story lines (characters) and future crossover on a more contemporary level.

Hey, it's the gay prince from KINGS. LOL

@1 Well what do you want Bucky who's from the 40's to say? Yo Captain A, how's it hangin' son? Deese Nazi creeper dudes be hatin' when they see us rollin'!
As for the casting this guy does look fairly young even if he is 20 something.

you can always tell when someone doesn't want to let on they knew exactly who an actor is because if they do, it will out them as having some awful guilty pleasure.
when he writes, "guy who's apparently on Gossip Girl", he really means, "Guy who I didn't like with Serena, but I respect him because he didn't take the plane ticket when Chuck offered it to him."


You forgot Marvel movie "masterpieces" like

Blade II and Blade: Trinity
Daredevil and Elektra
the Fantastic Four movies
Howard the Duck
Ghost Rider

All Marvel's learned is if you throw enough crap against a wall, some will stick.

Who the hell is this, and why are they fucking up the casting for this so badly?

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