Apr 20 2010The 'District 9' Guy Is Back, and Harrassing Charlize Theron


Obviously the best way to see Sharlto Copley reprise his role as Wikus van der Merwe would be in a District 9 sequel, because District 9 was a pretty solid movie. Remember? But if there's a second best way to see Sharlto Copley play Wikus again, it's probably a video where he harasses Charlize Theron about presenting South African music awards with him. The third best way is probably a Yakov Smirnoff-style stand-up special about hilarious differences between the U.S. and South Africa. Here's one of those alternatives:

So I guess that was an advertisement to be Facebook friends with him?

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Is it me or is this Hilariously/Ironically placed at exactly 4:20 on 4/20? Or am I just too high?? IM FEELIN BOTH!

Bmurphy72, you're an epic fail.


This guy is made of comedy gold. It was obviously set up before with Charlize but he still made it damn funny to watch.

That is some funny stuff. Good for him for having some fun.


i love comedy

He should have broken in and demanded that she sign an agreement to present the South Aftrican music awards, then torched her incubating eggsacs.



@frank, agreed.

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