'Ghostbusters 3' Enters Realm of Myth

April 28, 2010


Ghostbusters 3 has entered the realm of Minotaur, the hook-hand guy outside your campsite, and Minotaur Jr.: MYTH! Or maybe not.

Cinemablend asked Murray about if the film is happening, and he replied in his typically-cryptic, largely-negative way, but maybe it's still happening?

“It’s just a myth. It’s like the white alligator in the sewer, you know? Who’s seen it, really?”

“It’s just really the movie studio. They love the franchise, they’d just like to re-create it again. All this talk is just talk. It drives me nuts, it’s just people talking. And now, it’s like, on the street people go ‘hey, hey, hey,’ you know, why don’t you go back to high school? Quit bothering me. Until someone actually creates a great script it’s just hogwash, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s interesting that people are interested in it, they’d like to see it. It was a great thing, it really was fun. Maybe it should. And if it’s such a good idea, then someone will write the screenplay.”

And then, after reiterating those same points, he told ComingSoon:

I actually heard people like, young people that really [heard] of the movie when they were kids and I thought, 'You know, maybe I should just do it. Maybe it'd be fun to do.' Because the guys are funny and I miss [Rick] Moranis and Annie [Potts] and Danny. Those people are some people that were really, you know, I miss them. I think that's really a big part of it.

I guess everyone will just have to ask him again next time he ventures outside. Might as well ask him about the Arrested Development movie, too, so we can get all the repetitive, inconclusive movie interview questions out of the way at once.

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